How to get a lot of Organic Traffic in a Single Month?

How to get a lot of Organic Traffic in a Single Month?

How to get a lot of Organic Traffic in a Single Month?

How to get a lot of Organic Traffic in a Single Month?

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Most businesses primarily drive traffic by selling adverts on the site on a cost-per-impression basis. But do you want to get more and more traffic on your website free of cost? This will also increase your conversion rate. At the current moment, if you are getting 10 conversions through your website every day, you can take that up to 30 by understanding how to increase organic traffic rather than having to pay through ads. 

In this article, you will know you can get a lot of traffic in a single month. So, continue reading to get those fantastic ways. 


First, you would want to know ‘what is organic traffic?‘ It’s the traffic you get to your website without having to pay for it. If you want to know how to increase organic traffic on website, you must work on the following points. 

1. Create SEO strategies

  • If you apply SEO on your website, you can earn great credibility for your website traffic. 
  • Websites that rank on search engines like Google are considered to be credible and trusted. 
  • People trust Google, and they know that Google won’t let a non-trusted site rank in their search engine. 

2. Set up SEO tools

For knowing how to get organic traffic, make sure that you have two essential SEO tools set up and ready to go. 

  • The first tool that every site needs to have is Google Search Console. 
  • This tool makes it super easy to track your site’s performance in Google. 
  • It can also help you find technical SEO problems that are holding you back, but most important of all, the Search Console shows you the exact keywords that you rank for and where you rank for them. 
  • Unlike third-party tools, this data comes straight from Google, so it’s legit. 
  • The next tool you need to set up is Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics is the best way to see how people find and use your website. 
  • With Google Analytics, you can do all sorts of cool stuff: find pages on your site that bring you traffic, identify the exact websites that send you traffic, your site’s bounce rate, paid views and time on site, and lots more. 

3. Find keywords that customers search for

It’s no secret that keyword research is super important. The question is, how do you find keywords that your customers search for? Here are some simple tips. 

  • First, find long-tail keywords with Google Suggest. 
  • To use this technique, type the keyword into Google but don’t press enter or search button. Instead, take a look at the keywords that Google shows you. 
  • Google only suggests keywords that people are actually looking for. Thus, when you see a Google Search suggestion, you know that many people are searching for that term. 
  • Next, find keywords with Google Keyword Planner
  • The Google Keyword Planner is Google’s official keyword research tool. 
  • Finally, read threads on sites like Reddit, Quora, and online forums. 
  • All you need to do is head over to the community and find questions that crop up repeatedly. 

4. Find and fix technical SEO issues and errors 

  • Technical SEO problems can lower your website ranking and traffic. 
  • Thus, if your site has technical SEO problems, first, make sure your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Google now runs on a mobile-first index, which means if your site isn’t optimised for mobile devices, it won’t rank, and you won’t get any traffic. 
  • Improve your site’s page speed. Your site’s loading speed is a confirmed traffic factor. 
  • The faster your site loads, the better. 

5. Quality information

  • Whenever someone searches for something and clicks on your website, you should make sure that he stays on your website longer. This is the best solution on how to increase organic traffic
  • If there are enough users who search for something and land on your website but click on the back button immediately, then Google knows that they don’t like your website. 
  • Thus, it lowers the ranking of your website for that particular keyword. 

6. Improve your website content 

  • Time to improve your existing website’s content. 
  • When you are doing competitive research, have a look at the quality of your content that is on the sites which are ranking. 
  • A good benchmark is to make the quality of your content three times as good as your previous stuff. 
  • Rather than just writing absolute gibberish, ask yourself every single question that a potential customer might have about this topic. 
  • Then, simply provide the answers to each of those questions. 
  • It would be best if you made it genuinely useful for people. 


When you are trying to generate leads or sales through your website, you must know how to increase organic traffic. Having a number of conversions and organic traffic goals is really important. Also, all the visitors that come to your website through a search engine have a particular problem to solve. If you give them the solution for their situation, they will love your website and share it with others. So, go for our ways and increase your website organic traffic and sales in a single month. 

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