Google’s Advice To Outrank Top Rank Spammy Competitors

Google’s Advice To Outrank Top Rank Spammy Competitors

Google’s Advice To Outrank Top Rank Spammy Competitors

Google’s Advice To Outrank Top Rank Spammy Competitors

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When it comes to doing business and making money, there is always a number of people who are happy breaking the rules to grab a bigger slice of the pie. In the local business world, this translates into business owners cheating to increase their google ranking. Dirty tactics are used by unscrupulous business owners, which may rob you from getting at the top and bringing in more customers. 

Outranking a spammy competitor becomes even more frustrating when you are using all the ethical tactics. So let’s see what Google has advised the legal website owners to outrank top spammy websites. 

What To Do When Spammy Competitors Keep Succeeding?

Google has many options for you if a spammy website backfires on your SEO. You can opt for any of the following options if you are facing such a situation. 

  • If you are facing a big problem because of those websites using spammy tactics, you can report them to Google. 
  • You can also seek help from the Support Forum or the Webmaster Help Forum. 
  • Of course, you should not use those spammy tactics on your website as well. This is not the right way to deal with your competitors. 
  • Evaluate what needs to be done to promote your website better and get a higher rank. 

How To Submit A Spam Report?

If you are really concerned about your spammy competitor, you can submit the report under the following headings:

  • Paid links: If the page is selling or buying links. 
  • Objectionable content: If the page is inappropriate. 
  • Malware: If the page is infected. 
  • Other Google products: If it abuses Google products other than Search. 
  • Copyright and other legal issues: If the page should be removed under applicable law. 
  • Personal/private: If it discloses private information. 
  • Phishing: If it’s trying to get sensitive information. 
  • Rich snippets: If the page doesn’t comply with Google’s rich snippets guidelines. 
  • Something else is wrong: If it has other, non-webspam related issues. 

Why Do Sites With Spammy Seo Still Rank Well?

A business owner must understand that spam is not always the reason for their competitor’s ranking. It is important to remember that there are many factors when it comes to ranking on Google. Google never discloses its algorithms, so it is difficult to say why Google is ranking any spammy site. 

  • One of the reasons for their top ranking may be that their content is irrelevant. 
  • If most of the sites are breaking the rules, Google cannot penalise all of them because then there would be no search results left to return. 
  • If the website provides value and good services to its customers, Google will keep it on the top no matter what. 
  • Since the top website has been there for years and has developed trust among users, Google can’t pull it down at once if it’s breaking the rules. 
  • One reason why a spammy website is still on the top can be that Google has not caught it yet to take action against it. 

How To Outrank Spammy Competitors?

Although your competitor’s website uses an illegal way to rank at the top, you can still outrank them with some good strategies. There are some of the ethical ways you can use to stand at the top. 

  1. Focus more on the website quality: Answer these questions to yourself:
  • Are you really offering the users a good experience? 
  • Are you really trying to solve their problems?  
  • Is your website better than theirs? 

This will give you an insight into your own positive and negative aspects, and you will take the measurements accordingly. Try to better your website and improve its quality to give an excellent counter-attack to your competitors. 

  1. Upgrade your content
  • Try to post those contents on your site which are unique and fresh. 
  • Find those questions your clients might have that are not being answered by others. Answer those questions and increase your website traffic. 
  • Remember to update your content regularly with a piece of information that is original too. 
  1. Look for different keywords
  • Try to target less competitive keywords with more searches. 
  • Look that your keyword difficulty should not be high; otherwise, it would face even more competition. 
  • Search for some long-tail keywords instead of short-tail ones, and don’t focus too much on a single keyword. 
  1. Improve social media campaign
  • Advertise your website on Google Ads or social media. 
  • Improve your social media following; this will help a lot in marketing your business. 
  • Social media marketing can have a significant impact on organic traffic for your website. 


Although there are many competitors in front of you using various tactics and spam to reach the top, you can still use the legal path and outrank all of them. Don’t lose hope; just look at the positive side and try to better yourself. Instead of being desperate about those top spammy competitors using Black Hat SEO, use ethical ways and reach the top. Try and try, and finally, you will succeed. 

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