5 Tips To Appear In Google News

5 Tips To Appear In Google News

5 Tips To Appear In Google News

5 Tips To Appear In Google News

Tips To Appear In Google News
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Google News aggregates over 50,000 news sources from various websites all around the world. Different websites funnel their content into Google News to make money, increase traffic sales and ad impressions, and have more inventory for advertisers. A recent survey stated that over 60% of people trust Google News over specific news sites. Over 6 billion clicks per month take place within Google News. Thus, the News tab is a highly trafficked area of Google.

But it can take months and even years to bring in traffic from Google News. What if we tell you that you can get ranked instantly? Yes, here are 5 tips by Google on how to appear in Google News. 

Tips To Appear In Google News

Google News needs a specific optimisation for your articles to make it rank. So remember the following tips:

  1. Only News Content
  • The first thing you need to know about Google News is, if your content isn’t news-related, you are not going to get in. 
  • So if you are trying to figure out what kind of news articles you can end up writing, go to Google Trends and see what’s hot and what’s happening right now. 
  • If you write articles related to the trend, you are much more likely to get into Google News. That is a quick way to get more search traffic.
  1. Fresh Content
  • Timely content is super important. Google News is not looking for how-to articles, advice columns, job postings, aggregated content or basic info like weather or stocks. 
  • They want original reports that are trendy and honest. 
  • You need to make sure that all the content is visible and your site is not blocked. 
  • So, basically, Google has to be able to crawl your site in order to index the content. 
  1. Reliability
  • You must show that your news piece and website is reliable. 
  • Also, you have to display authority and expertise in the news area by posting things like biographies and contact information on your website. 
  • Google won’t approve your content if you have issues with spelling and grammar, distracting ads or autoload videos. 
  • Moreover, you have to clearly show the date and time of your publication on the page. 
  1. Post From The Same Domain
  • All the news articles have to be on the same domain name. 
  • Once you get approved for Google News, you cannot submit another content from another domain and expect it to be shown on Google News. 
  • Only those articles will appear in the news tab that are present on the domain approved by Google News. 
  1. Keywords
  • You are not going to rank for any keyword within Google News if you have a generic keyword. 
  • It needs to be very specific and contain keywords that you want to rank for. 
  • The articles have to be unique specifically to your site, and they must be on unique URLs. 

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News content appears at various locations such as Google News, Google Search tab, YouTube, Discover feature, and Google Assistant.

Google has changed its policies related to news content after 2019. Earlier, publishers had to go through an application process, but now they are automatically displayed in Google News if they comply with Google’s news policies. 

Site owners can check whether they are being indexed for Google News by checking their performance in Google News Report and the Google Search Console. Then you will know if you are getting from Google News or not.

For ranking a news content or website, Google checks various factors. So your content should have the following qualities:

  • It should be original news, not any fake or copied content. 
  • The news piece should be relevant and in trend. 
  • Your site, as well as your content, should be trustworthy and reliable. 
  • It should be quality content, no vague news.
  • The ranking of news content on Google also depends on whether it’s local, national or international. 
  • The content should be written in easy language.

Of course. Google runs its systems regularly to check if a site has improved its content. As long as you have upgraded your news content and meet all the criteria stated by Google News, you always have the chance to get a better ranking.


Getting even a tiny portion of the Google News traffic to your website can result in a significant increase in your website traffic spikes. So, if you follow those five things, i.e. originality, reliability, prominence, etc., you are much more likely to get traffic from Google News. Since now you know how to get in Google News indexing, what is delaying you? Apply our tips now and wait for a great return on investment.

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