10 product base businesses to start for under ₹ 10000

10 product base businesses to start for under ₹ 10000

10 product base businesses to start for under ₹ 10000

10 product base businesses to start for under ₹ 10000

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First, All the best as you are here because you are interested in business, You will find the best product-based business idea’s about how can you start a business under ₹ 10,000 INR.

I have tried to list all those businesses which you can start without any expertise in them. You may also check 10 Service-based businesses to start under 10K or with no money.

Before proceeding further, we must work with full devotion without any shame.

If you feel Fear or you wonder what people will say, then nothing is possible even when I started Profit Plug. I was surrounded by the same question, but one day I dared to open it and the result is in front of you.

1. Food Businesses

The food business is now under a lot of light and why not it’s the most profitable business nowadays. Many restaurants, cafes, snack shops are opening. You can also try your luck, below I have written some ideas related to the food business, you can start from them too ;

  • Tea Or Coffee Stalls.
  • Chinese Stall.
  • Quick Serving Cafe.
  • Home Cooked Food Hall.
  • Tiffin Center.

This business can be started under INR 10K. You can run them as part-time or full-time. Chinese Stall or any other Stuff may be operated in the evening while the tiffin center and food hall will get attraction in Day time. I have put some in-service section you can start a mixture of both, service + products to create a unique business.

2. Card Maker Or Gift Packing

This is the best idea for a service and product-based business. As you all know, gift and creativity is very much trend nowadays. So according to the event given below, you can start the gift packing or Beautifully card designing Work.

3. Cakes and Bakery Products-

Celebrations are incomplete without cakes!

If you are passionate about cooking and loves to experiment with different kinds of cakes, then you may start your cake making store without much investment. At present, people prefer customized cakes for birthday and anniversary celebrations like- sugar-free cakes, cakes with pictures, theme-based cakes, etc., apart from that the preference for flavor and taste is always there. Due to all such reasons, people look for a local bakery instead of a recognized food chain.

 In short, you may have a shining carrier as the customized cakes maker; along with cakes, one can supply hand made chocolates, biscuits as well. If you find this business idea interesting, then all you need is a microwave, some grocery materials, and a digital platform that can help you to reach to the clients. You can easily manage all these expenses under 8- 10 K. In the beginning, you should operate from home, and once you start making money out of business, then you can expand by renting a shop. Even you can prepare your website to ensure a robust digital presence with just Rs 2499. So why are you waiting for click here to avail our services now! 

4. Courier Agency

Establish yourself as the fastest!

You must be thinking that in the age of Email, Skype, and WhatsApp, who will choose courier, then you are not 100 % correct. It’s India, and the most significant section of our working class is not too tech-friendly; hence they still use currier service for business communications.

So you can think of this service as a potential business ideal that, also, with a minimum investment of 10 -12 thousand.

 At present, all the courier companies are coming up with a live tracking system through docket numbers, which ensure the trust of the customer in the service. To start this kind of high tech services, you need a few agents and a well-designed website. If you are looking for affordable and quality developers, then you must avail take Web development services of Profit Plug now

5. Cottage butter, Paneer, and ghee

Day to day edible products!

When it comes to dairy products, all of us are looking for something fresh and organic. If you are also searching for small investment business ideas, then the supply of Cottage butter, paneer and ghee could be a good option.

The most significant advantage of the edible product business is that you don’t have to work hard to get customers; your customers will come to you directly as everyone needs these products regularly. If you wanted to bring an out of the box approach in dairy products business, then you should contact us to reach a large group of people in quick time.

6. Promotional Material

Help people to expand their business!

Almost all businesses keep vast reserves for promotional activities. In such a scenario, you can expect high profits from the company of promotional material. In this business, all you require is imagination and creativity to prepare promotional material. I know, now you must be thinking about how to get clients? Well, my team can handle this responsibility for you very efficiently. For more details, click the below links.

7. Boutique Store

It’s for fashion freaks!

The taste of fashion is a God gifted talent! If you are the one who understands the latest trends and fuses them with the needs of clients, then you may think of starting a boutique of your own. I think a boutique store is an excellent option for those people who had a deep understanding of fabrics and trends of the fashion world. One can take help from any well known digital marketing platform to reach clients in a quick time. The digital marketing of the boutique quickly done by social networking sites like- Facebook and Instagram.

8. Jewelry Making

Provide wings to your creativity!

It is challenging to find single women who do not love jewelry. And Indian women are just crazy for ornaments. They are always eager to buy different kinds of jewelry from gold, diamond to imitation. 

During the wedding, brides even look for a local jewelry maker who can provide customized jewelry according to their wedding lehenga. Nowadays, the trend of floral jewelry is also quite prevalent. So all I want to say is, jewelry making could be a potential startup without much investment. If you are fortunate enough to establish a strong social media presence through our expert services, then you will start getting orders from day one.

9. Paper bags

Make pocket deep and environment clean!

We all are aware of the harmful effects of plastic bags; even single-use bags are banned by the government as well. It could be a big opportunity if you are willing to invest some amount on a paper bag making machine. You can take the contract from different companies and prepare paper bags for them. You can take advantage of all such opportunities just by making an impactful digital presence, which can be possible through an expert digital marketer like- Profit Plug.

10. Online Vegetable and fruits supply

Help people to get Fresh and Healthy edibles! 

We can do online banking transactions, order our meals through different apps, purchase clothes, jewelry, and can do many more things just by one click. But we have to step off our home to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, so don’t you think the online supply of fruits and vegetables through local vendors can do miracles for services class citizens.

These also help poor vegetable sellers also get a reasonable share of the profit. To execute this idea, all you need is a network that can link the buyer to the seller, which is possible through a user-friendly website and a mobile app for these tasks you can trust my team.

Whatever be your business plan, it is advisable to secure at least a 25 % amount of the initial investment for the marketing of the product or service you are introducing. As per the current market trends and consumer behavior, digital marketing is the most powerful medium to create a buzz in the market.

Why are you waiting? Give us a call now and get topnotch digital marketing services at the most affordable prices!

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