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Efficient way

Facebook and Instagram are the most effective way to advertise your product or services.

Creative - Eye Catching

Visually memorizing design which stick in viewers minds.

Data Driven

Specific to target audience which bring cost saving and high ROI.

Why should you advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is the most commonly-used social media in the world and especially in India. Globally, Facebook has over 2.6 billion users since the first quarter of 2020. It hosts a considerable number of diversely located users to communicate and entertain themselves regularly.

Facebook’s popularity in youth has two primary reasons:

  • It makes them feel confident to communicate, and
  • It shows them the best content according to their taste.

Such popularity of Facebook has allured several small and vast businesses to market their products and services on this platform. Subsequently, several Facebook users also reach out to business pages for 

learning more about their services

seeking employment

offering business collaborations

Do You Know?

Yet, do regular users login to their Facebook accounts for encountering business promotions? A big NO

Can Facebook help in advancing your business?

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. It can help you grab the spotlight to make your business visible and enhance the reach beyond your ambitions. Undoubtedly, the reason why online advertising has gained so much of significance over the years has everything to do with extending the influence and promoting sales. Yet, there are several advantages of promoting your business on Facebook:

  • Users, including your future customers, spend a minimum of one hour to a maximum of the entire day on Facebook. Advertising on this platform can be extremely beneficial. 
  • Facebook Ads can effectively target people based on age, interests, gender, behavior, and location, thereby helping you understand your customers better.
  • Advertising on Facebook is cost-effective and time-efficient
  • It helps you boost your website traffic, revenues, leads, sales, and reputation. 
  • You can monitor the Facebook ad performance in real-time. 
  • Get increased audience engagement, attribution ( the number of times they get to see the ad), and vast exposure to global and local audiences.

What are the different kinds of Facebook Ads?

Every business aspires to reach out to all possible customers around the globe, and thereby, advertisements have a specific goal to attract those customers. There are broadly Three types of Ads to target the audience as per your objective:

Awareness Ads

to foster the discovery of your business by the audiences reached.

Consideration Ads

to get higher engagement and traffic

Conversion Ads

to drive foot traffic to your website by call-to-action and offers

Who must advertise on Facebook?

Facebook advertisements have a motif, unlike the traditional designs where your ads would air on the national television or radio to the relevant as well as irrelevant customers. To which businesses do Facebook Ads help the most?

Supporting Subheading

How can Profit Plug help you boost your revenue?

Profit Plug understands your ambitions. As one of the most reliable and determined Facebook Advertising agencies, we  can serve you in the following ways:

Effectively create a prolific Facebook Ad campaign.

Guide you in placing Ad campaigns on other popular self-served platforms

Service Increase your businesses’ popularity and help get better ROI.

Create a Facebook Page if you don’t already have one and strengthen the base of it.

Update you duly with the insights of performance

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Why is Profit Plug better than its contemporaries?

We update our clients on the best promotional strategies and practices that will eventually help in the long run.

We offer budget-friendly packages to help you get valuable experience with your digital venture.

Profit Plug is serious about the client’s targets and vigilantly manages the ad campaign throughout its ideation and performance.

We guide our clients in targeting the right groups across various platforms and boost traffic conversion rates.

We also prioritize establishing your brand reputation.

Our abilities in generating influence have never failed to show a profitable lead generation.

Curated Ad Packages with there format of placement.

We made it easy you to select your right pack and Kick-Start your Facebook Campaign. 


Video Ads- they are alluring self-explanatory ads for brand awareness and consideration campaigns. They generally link to your website or brand page


This format of ads has multiple image cards to slide and view. It intends to promote a product catalog creatively and attract clicks based on relevance.


This format of ads needs your interested customers to fill out a lead form that can give you notifications and email subscribers altogether. 


Video Ads- they are alluring self-explanatory ads for brand awareness and consideration campaigns. They generally link to your website or brand page


This format of ads has multiple design like Video, Images, etc. This lead to brand awareness and increase footfall to your store.


This format of ads needs your interested customers to install your app. This ads lead to increase in APP install through Facebook Ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question which are asked most:

Some of the trending informational question

Targeting people needs groundwork. Through Facebook Ads, we can target people belonging to a particular age group or hailing from a specific location. We can also focus on a significant behavior that may feel attracted to your product range.  For instance, we generally find children getting more attracted to primitive animated games like Tetris, but the same primitive games will not attract younger adults and teenagers. Similarly, the audience close to your local market will find your services beneficial than those living in areas far away. 

 If you have an e-commerce website, you may target students and office goers, specifically,  because they are the ones who make most of the purchases. Your cosmetic range will better attract a woman interested in fashion than a woman interested in novels. More or less, you need to target people according to their interests, behavior, age, location, and gender (sometimes).

Yes, you can! Remarketing through Facebook ads is one of the best strategies to build brand awareness, attract a loyal customer base, and convince the audience to respond to your CTAs. 

We can help you in preparing a custom audience outline to whom you would like to remarket your services. With codes of Facebook Pixel and Facebook SDA, we will further help our Focus and Fortune plan subscribers in reaching out to their sets of custom audiences. The custom audiences are the ones who have shown specific behaviors, such as visiting your website or viewing your products, in the past, without generating a profitable lead or sales. 

 You may rekindle the curiosity of your cold traffic with dynamic ads that present viewers with the most relevant services that you deal with or provide. You can also reach your custom audience through sponsored messages to restart the conversation.

Yes, it does! Facebook can target audiences based on their location and proximity from your store. You can also target a particular age group or interest. For your mechanic shop in Hyderabad, or dessert delivering shop in Kolkata, you can present your ads to the Facebook users from the respective cities. 

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Some trending question asked about Profit Plug

Profit Plug provides beneficial packages with specified services. You can thoroughly decide and choose the packages that will help you the most. We have three plans briefed under Profit, Bonus, and Fortune. Each of the plans has monthly, tri-monthly, and half yearly subscriptions. Our competitive pricing and flexible platform-based performance make us exceptional.

Our Ad campaigns include Ad copywriting, Video ads, Reach and impression analysis, and further promotion to self-served platforms. Basic features like Facebook Ad account setup, monthly reports, and audience research are available in all the plans.  Our premium packages are pathbreaking in their coverage to almost every aspect of Facebook Advertisements. Remarketing facilities are available with Bonus and Fortune plans. 

Yes, Profit Plug provides monthly packages under Profit, Bonus, and Fortune plans. The plan budgets are flexible for customization according to the client’s budget. The proposal stays valid for 14 days from the time of introduction to our plans and services.

To advertise on Facebook, Profit Plug provides Monthly, trimonthly, and half-yearly packages under the Profit, Focus, and Fortune plans. Each of the packages has flexible estimates to help to fit your budget. We also provide profitable packages for advertising on YouTube, LinkedIn, Bing, Hotstar, Google, and 500+ websites as well as apps. 

Our Fortune and Focus plans for Facebook also provide for remarketing of ads and rekindling the engagement with the cold traffic.

For Facebook: Clients will have to submit the customer file to specify the type of audience we are going to target. However, clients will also have to determine the source of the audience’s information. 

Facebook mentions that while uploading a customer file, the advertisers will have to designate if the information comes directly from people, or by the partners or both. Profit Plug can assist you in creating surveys to build the documents. 

While sharing a custom audience list from the customer file on Facebook, the advertising agency and the client will mutually establish an audience-sharing relationship through the Business Manager. 

For ProfitPlug: It is simple! You need to present the registration details of your business and confirm the identity of the owner to avail of our services. We may also need inputs to prepare the leads form for your audience. The process is hassle-free to help you have a convenient experience.

Once formulated, Ads may take up to 48 hours to go live. The release of ads depends on several factors, including our priority list orders. But once aired, you will receive updates on a real-time basis about the performance of the ads and other stats of the campaign. The airing will also depend on whether it is a new ad campaign or a remarketing strategy.