How to rank your Video #1 with YouTube SEO?

How to rank your Video #1 with YouTube SEO?

How to rank your Video #1 with YouTube SEO?

How to rank your Video #1 with YouTube SEO?

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Understanding how you can optimize your engagement and web traffic on YouTube can help you make your videos rank higher among YouTube search results and increase their visibility and the views on your videos. Curious to learn about how YouTube SEO works? Read this article to find out!


SEO or search engine optimization is a form of digital marketing strategy that increases your webpage or product’s visibility using basic SEO strategies in search engines like Google. Search engine optimization helps you to improve your website or webpage to direct potential customers searching for anything relevant to the product, information, or service you’re offering. It makes your content reach a larger audience and helps you influence not-yet customers into becoming real-time customers.


It might feel like Google search results aren’t that complex, but they’re all determined by various search engine optimization practices like keyword density and creating rich snippets. Search engine optimization is a vital part of digital marketing and in providing relevant information to people conducting searches. Here is why proper search engine optimization is beneficial for you:

  1. It increases the visibility of your webpage and the typical click-through rate of the webpage in search engines.
  2. It increases engagement on your webpage and increases your ranking in search results in various search engines. 
  3. Using search engine optimization practices like rich snippets can help you distinguish your web pages from your competitors by adding more information like ratings or rankings. 
  4. It increases the conversion rate of potential and not-yet customers to real-time customers on your website and makes your webpage more relevant to search engine results.


Many people may not realize it, but YouTube is a search engine as well. When we search for a particular video on YouTube the rankings on our searches are determined by how well we’ve incorporated search engine optimization. YouTube channel SEO is a way of search engine optimization that helps you improve visibility and engagement on your YouTube videos. This is done by many different practices that are authentic to the YouTube search engine as it’s an entirely different platform from search engines like Google or Yahoo. Let’s take a look at how you can make your YouTube videos rank #1 using SEO for YouTube.


Youtube SEO practices naturally differ from the typical search engine optimization practices. There are many different ways through which you can improve your engagement and click-through rate on Youtube. Here are effective SEO for Youtube channel tips to help your video #1 on Youtube search results:

  1. Research YouTube relevant keywords, use questions keywords that start with “how-to” or “which one of these” etc., to make your result snippet stand out from others on the search engine results.
  2. Curate an eye-catching and attractive video title that will make your demographic viewers feel drawn to it. This is important to increase the real-time reach and engagement of the video because your title has to be relevant to your video as well as intriguing to potential viewers.
  3. Use relevant and effective YouTube tags that put your videos in the search results of any relevant searches. Using YouTube tags will help your viewers easily find your content that is relevant to their needs.
  4. Be interactive and ask your viewers to add comments and engage in the comment section. More comments mean more people engaging with your video and it increases your visibility and rankings on search engine results. Ask your viewers to subscribe and share your videos on social media, the more subscribers you have the better search result rankings you’ll get.
  5. Add an attractive thumbnail that urges your viewers and even non-viewers to engage with your video and check it out.
  6. Adding closed captions to your videos isn’t just helpful to people with hearing and visual disabilities, it’s also helpful for search engines as well.
  7. Add external links to your YouTube channel or other videos to make sure your viewers are engaged and convert into dedicated viewers or subscribers.
  8. Embed your YouTube videos anywhere to increase engagement users on your videos.
  9. Use focus keywords in the video description to improve the search results and make your videos rank higher.
  10. Use other channels to increase your reach and engagement by collaborating with or getting featured on other YouTube channels.
  11. Make playlists of your YouTube channels to make your videos more user-friendly and easily accessible.
  12. Regularly review your engagement reports, audience returning visitors reports, and watch time report statistics to help you create strategies and content that can improve your engagement and rankings.

YouTube SEO is quite different from usual SEO practices as it is a different platform that has different types of content to optimize on search engines. The best YouTube SEO practices focus on making your content more user-friendly through SEO which ultimately creates more engagement and creates higher rankings.

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