Learning Digital Marketing VS Hiring a Freelancer VS Hiring An Agency

Learning Digital Marketing VS Hiring a Freelancer VS Hiring An Agency

Learning Digital Marketing VS Hiring a Freelancer VS Hiring An Agency

Learning Digital Marketing VS Hiring a Freelancer VS Hiring An Agency

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Nowadays the internet is penetrating in each and every aspect of our life at a very high speed. That’s why business strategies are also evolving. So, why not make your business grow more rapidly by adopting some latest technologies.

One of the most fruitful ways to expand your business is to make your firm presence in the virtual world. 

This can easily be accomplished by Digital Marketing. Whether small or big, local or multinational, you can grow your business through digital marketing. It is such an important tool which can’t be skipped if you want to expand your business.

Digital Marketing is a way of marketing and advertising your business through the use of internet, social media and search engines so that you are easily available to your customers. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can promote your products and services and help you to grow your business and increase your revenue. 

You can make debut in the field of digital marketing by either of the following ways:-

  • Either you can learn digital marketing and work on it yourself, or
  • You can hire a freelancer, or
  • You can tie-up with a digital marketing agency.

Selecting one from the above options is quite a strenuous task, and if you are facing the same problem, then this will surely be a utilitarian article for you.

Whether to learn digital marketing and work alone or to hire a freelancer or to hire an agency is quite baffling. Everything in this world comes with its own pros and cons. The same goes for these three options also. 

Here I will help you by providing some useful and valuable information about the best option for digital marketing you should go with. 

1. Learning digital marketing and implementing it yourself to grow your business:-

If you want to work in your own way and do not want to depend on others for your work and also don’t want any interference of an outsider in your business, then this option is suitable for you. 

You can also hire one of your employees for this job who will specifically work on digital marketing. This is known as ‘In-House Marketing’. 

There are many advantages of this like – 

  • There is no one who can better understand your thoughts and ideas other than you. So if you work yourself, then you know exactly what you want, and it will be easier for you to replicate it rather than someone else doing this for you. 
  • Also, it will save you money.

But as I told you earlier that anything in this world which have advantages will surely have disadvantages too.

The major drawback of doing self digital Marketing is the wastage of your precious time. You can not handle each and every work related to your business alone. You have many other works to take care of as an owner of the business. You will not be able to handle digital marketing, meetings and office work at the same time and if you are not able to give sufficient time to promote your business digitally then it is useless, and you should better forget to make your presence in the world of the digital market. 

Although doing digital marketing is a pocket-friendly idea, but it is not practically possible for a person to handle all the work of business along with digital marketing alone.

2. Freelancers:- 

Freelancers are the individuals who work freelance that offers their services, and in return, they get paid per hour. These individuals can work on different projects with different companies at the same time. They offer a minimum cost for their services. 

They are perfectly suited for small business and are capable of doing your job at minimum cost. 

Thus hiring a freelancer is a budget-friendly idea as you get your work done by spending a minimum amount. 

On the contrary – 

  • As you pay the low amount, you will get the low quality of work as well.
  •  Hiring a freelancer is a strenuous or burdensome job. 
  • Also, freelancers do not have any certified degree. That means the marketing of your business goes in unqualified hands. How can someone put their business which they set up doing hard work and sacrifices at such a risk? 
  • Furthermore, freelancers work in many projects at the same time. This means that they don’t have time to know about your business and to understand your thinking. They will not be able to focus 100% on your project. 

This will end up by not getting the work done, up to your expectations and will result in complete wastage of money and the time as well.

3. Digital marketing agency:- 

It is a group of people who are skilled in various aspects related to marketing. Digital Marketing Agency offers you digital marketing services through a group of experts that focuses on promoting your business. Their main goal is to advertise business virtually and increase your sales by attracting more customers. It is a flawless and best option for large as well as for small business.

  • By hiring an agency, you are hiring a group of experts and certified people who can proficiently work on your project.
  • You can be confident about the quality of the work because you have a team of experienced people.
  • An agency is well equipped to meet all your requirements. 
  • Also, the agency will provide you with regular reports and the status of your marketing.

There is a popular saying that you have to lose something to earn something very great. Although you have to pay more for hiring an agency than hiring a freelancer, you will have the assurance of the high quality work. 

If you want to play safe and can’t take any chance of failure, then the digital marketing agency is the best option.

Hope, this article helps you in establishing a clear picture of who you should hire for digital marketing.

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