How do Facebook ads actually work? Understand the whole process here.

How do Facebook ads actually work? Understand the whole process here.

How do Facebook ads actually work? Understand the whole process here.

How do Facebook ads actually work? Understand the whole process here.

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Most business owners use Facebook ads to grow their customer base and sales. But at one point or another, every business owner, who tried Facebook ads, failed miserably. The reason why many business owners fail with Facebook ads is that they don’t understand the context of Facebook. Thus, understanding how Facebook ads work becomes most important. So, we have come up with this article to show you what the process and strategies of running Facebook ads are. 

How do Facebook ads work and their strategies

You must be thinking, ‘do Facebook ads work?’ Yes, they work 100%. But, certain things work to make sure that your ads hit the right people and connect with them better. This will result in more reach to your most ideal customers for far less money, and you’ll get more profit at the back end. Let’s see what those things are. 

1. Use as many different ad types as possible in your campaigns: 

  • Use images, video, carousels, and even animated gifs. 
  • The reason is that different people respond best to other things. 
  • Within your ideal target customer base, there are people on Facebook who like videos. Then some people engage more with image ads, and some are constantly scrolling sideways through the carousels. 
  • So, this is an excellent way to scale your ads out to a much broader range of people. 
  • You can also duplicate a single ad by replacing your video with an image or with a carousel of images.

3. Facebook story ad

  • If you know how Facebook paid ads work, you must also know that inventory is getting tighter inside the Facebook feed, which is why costs continue to rise every year.
  • However, stories are much more wide open at this point. 
  • Half a billion people are looking at and interacting with Facebook stories every single day. So, they definitely should not be underestimated. 
  • Stories get about 63 percent more conversions and a 20% lower cost than simple Facebook ads. 
  • Make sure you clearly state the offer,  the main benefit and give a few verbal calls to action telling people that they need to swipe up the story. 

3. Detailed targeting expansion

  • If you enable this feature and Facebook thinks that they can get you better results using it, they will take a portion of your overall budget. 
  • Then, as the campaign runs, they start shifting your budget to the audience that’s giving better results at a comparatively lower cost. 
  • When you set up your ad set, choose your detailed targeting, then click this feature on 
  • It can be an excellent way to scale your ads to new audiences. 

4. Testimonial carousel ad

  • This type of ad is a fantastic way to show the successes you have got for your customers or clients. 
  • 84 percent of people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know. 
  • So, if you have multiple video testimonials or even text-based ones, you can definitely utilise this type of ad. 

5. Start running an ad to your built-in fan base first

  • People who have already bought from you and know and like you tend to be your best cheerleaders. They provide lots of positive comments and likes on your ads.  
  • What you need to do is to run to your previous audiences first. 
  • In this context, understanding how sponsored ads work on Facebook can be really helpful. 
  • Wait for some of the positive comments and likes on your ad to start rolling in. 
  • Then, you can duplicate that ad taking all that built up social proof along with it. 
  • After that, retarget the same ad to your new audience with all those likes and comments 

6. Content

Now that you know how Facebook ads work for your business, you need great content. 

  • Awe-inspiring content: 37% of all content on Facebook are inspiring. This makes people feel emotionally connected. If you have an inspiring story within your business, you could leverage it, which would be a fantastic idea. 
  • Entertaining content: The second type of content that people love is entertaining content. Roughly about 20 to 25% of all the content people consume is music or funny stuff to make them laugh and entertain. 
  • Educational content: The third type of content that people are attracted to is educational content. Teach people something, show them something that they didn’t know. Roughly about 20% of all content consumed on Facebook is educational content. That is a great space where business owners can safely play. 

Facebook ads are a miracle in advertising. For any business, they can create more leads, more sales and more awareness. My guess is you want more money in your business or whatever you are doing. Knowing how Facebook ads work, you can reach about a thousand people for little money. 

However, there is no guarantee that your ad is going to reach a thousand people. If the Facebook algorithm figures out that it is popular, it will keep on serving it to more people. The opposite is true if your ad doesn’t perform well. But here’s the good news, follow our steps and you will bring in more and more people.

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