Has your business been affected due to Covid-19? Get some witty Digital Marketing Tips from Samkit Mehta

Has your business been affected due to Covid-19? Get some witty Digital Marketing Tips from Samkit Mehta

Has your business been affected due to Covid-19? Get some witty Digital Marketing Tips from Samkit Mehta

Has your business been affected due to Covid-19? Get some witty Digital Marketing Tips from Samkit Mehta

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Has your business been affected due to Covid-19? There’s no better time to bring it online than right now!

Samkit Mehta, Founder and CEO of Profit Plug

“My business’ sales have incredibly gone down since the lockdown…”

“I wish I had an online business like Amazon. I wish I could sell my products online rather than closing down my business.”

“The shop’s rent and sitting down stock is destroying my savings. I need a new business or an online business!”

I have heard a number of such statements during this lockdown. Every business person has been complaining and wanting to have an online business. I understand that it’s not so easy to bring your business online and start having revenue right away, but you have to start somewhere. In case you have enquired about turning your current business online, I bet every agency, freelancer, or company has quoted you an unbelievably high price. Isn’t it? I won’t. I relate with every small business owner.

I’ve answered the 8 major questions that you have in your mind right now.

How do I relate with the problems of small business owners?

Honestly speaking, my father and I have always been a small business owner in Ratlam. Before I entered into the field of digital marketing, I was exposed to the common problems of a business owner and during this lockdown, my own shop faced a major setback in terms of revenue. I have seen and experienced every problem just like you.

Why did I choose a different career path being a small business owner?

After years of retailing, I concluded that every huge eCommerce company is cutting down the market share of small business owners. Businesses like Amazon, Jio Mart, and Myntra have become a threat to our survival. In order to compete with such brands, we need to establish a local authority of our businesses to keep it running. The overall sales of small businesses has been declining continuously since the past 5 years, and I knew I had to bring all the small businesses online to save them from closing down.

What did I do for the small business owners?

Over the span of the past 3 years, I have learnt everything that there is to know about digital marketing and built a quality team of website designers, content writers, graphic designers, ppc experts etc and formed an agency called as Profit Plug. We have been working remotely since the past year and we are persistently onboarding small business owners as our clients and generating a source of income for them through the internet.

How do I help business?

Due to the pandemic, every one of your customers has moved online. They have a smartphone and they are well aware of ordering products and services online now. I help businesses to take them where they need to be – online. I follow distinct strategies for every one of the businesses as per the overall sales structure and business niche. I take up the charge to make them connect with their potential customers despite the ongoing headache of lockdown.

Why should you trust me?

Over the past few years, I had a major exposure to some of the bigger clients from different cities who paid me for websites, social media and google ads, search engine optimization, blog writing, graphic designing etc. I was able to work with a lot of well-known brands such as the Kataria Group, Healthkart, Vedascure etc and I also became a Google-certified expert. I’m constantly learning new techniques to help local businesses flourish and survive in this mega-recession. I also started creating useful content to educate people about finance, economics and business management.

How do I generate revenue for businesses through digital marketing?

I operate on different strategies as per the business type and business size. I can help you to move your business online at the minimalistic rates possible. This is because my end goal is further away from profit – it is primarily to help businesses revive from the loss occurred during the lockdown. I only charge what it actually costs me – and hence, I am aiming to connect as many businesses as possible in the alignment of my vision.

How can you start earning online with my help?

I will review your business and propose a strategy that can help you to grow your brand goodwill and generate some actual revenue through online customers. I prefer starting through ads – when you start receiving revenue from customers across India, I reinvest a part of your profit into the website, SEO, social media management, and much more! You don’t need to pay tens of thousands – I offer services at unbeatable rates.

Are online businesses successful?

It is the most common question asked to me. Whenever someone doubts whether or not online businesses are successful, I usually ask them to take out their smartphone, uninstall all the apps and burn it down. This is because everything you use in a mobile phone throughout the day – is a successful online business. Be it whatsapp, facebook, amazon, youtube or anything else. We are way past the time when having a shop and some stock was enough to earn profits. We are sitting at 2021, where the competition is rapidly increasing everyday and marketing has become a necessity – not just an add on that you can avoid.

Life is full of risks, take one with me. Call +91 9340172696

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