Basics for Generating Revenue From A Website

Basics for Generating Revenue From A Website

Basics for Generating Revenue From A Website

Basics for Generating Revenue From A Website

generating revenue from a website
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Everyone wants their website to earn for them and I believe which is 100% correct, but the problem and question people ask me is “HOW?”. “How can we generate revenue?” I have come up with some basic rules that each website should meet to start generating revenue from a website. Excited? Let’s know:

1. Look and Feel

I have seen a number of websites which have no structure. I mean, there is nothing connecting with each other. People simply start telling about themselves which I believe is a wrong strategy. Your website should have a structure according to the visitor’s mindset. Just think like a visitor, and figure out all the questions your mind came up with and create your web page by answering them one by one.

Also, the look of your website matters the most. Just imagine a customer visits your store and finds everything messy. What will be his or her first thought? You are thinking right, he/she would lose the trust in you. So, make it sober and informative. I have attached the screenshots of a few good and bad web layouts.

2. Content

I have heard many people saying that content doesn’t matter, which is completely wrong. Content is the backbone of the entire internet. Google, your website visitor, in fact, you are reading a piece of content right now. Content is what your visitors see – the text you write. Good content will help your web pages get a space on the SERPs.

generating revenue from a website

Your content should be engaging and informative. It should not look spammy. Never make any false promise. Stick to the thing you can offer. This will build your credibility because your visitor will know you by the information you provide to them.

3. Speed

Just not me, but various researchers have made a conclusion that websites which took more than 3 seconds lose almost 60% of the visitors. If you don’t want to end up losing visitors, check your webpage’s speed. Page speed insight is a tool provided by Google which enables you to measure the speed of your webpage. On the desktop and mobile, your website should be viewable in under 3 seconds. We have a guide about web page speed which may help you to improve your webpage score. If you are serious about generating revenue and growing your business do check it.

Check if your webpage’s speed score is above 70 or not on the page insights tool. If it is below 70, book a free consultation with me and we can grow and meet your business’ vision together.

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